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Jon Reischl

visual artist

TPT's Minnesota Original


(2015 — Present)

Impositions is an ongoing series of painting exploring the nature of recollection in relation to time and context. To begin each piece, I project superimposed film stills onto canvas or wood and paint from the shadows. Throughout this process, the properties of the original images merge, become obscured, or otherwise lose distinction, and are reconsidered and adapted for the surface through formal means of painting and the introduction of color. The finished artifact is entirely new, while reminiscent of its source and corroborative of the transformation.

A selection from this series is currently on display at Tongue in Cheek in St. Paul, MN.


Pilgrims is a series of paintings about establishing familiarity in a foreign place. By interweaving familiar imagery with obscure forms and relying on the viewer’s inclination to apply narrative, artist Jon Reischl creates a sort of harmony from seemingly discordant parts.

Initial exhibition August 2 – September 8, 2012 at Burnsville Center for Performing Arts (Burnsville, MN).


Paintings examining the nature of memory and the presence of mind through a cast of enigmatic characters and improbable settings. Mixed-media artist Jon Reischl interweaves recognizable imagery and obscure forms to create paintings that are simultaneously comforting in their familiarity and disquietingly foreign.

Initial exhibition April 18 – May 23, 2014 at The Phipps Center for the Arts (Hudson, WI).

An Evening of the Odds

The show's title, An Evening of the Odds, with it's glib multi-entendre, is consistent with Reischl's fondness for wordplay, but also suggestive of the sense of resigned struggle present in much of his work. His subjects often seem to be, in one way or another, at odds with their surroundings, yet also at relative ease, as if to imply that there is contentment to be found amongst the chaos. Reischl's work covers familiar thematic ground, exploring the role of Creator by offering up the interpretive reigns to his audience. And in the case of his Variable Title paintings, blatantly encouraging them to physically interact with the pieces.

Initial exhibition March 6th - April 6th, 2010 at Nicademus Art (St. Paul, MN).

Variable Title Paintings

"The live being recurrently loses and reestablishes equilibrium with his surroundings. The moment of passage from disturbance into harmony is that of intensest life."

— John Dewey

Each of these paintings features a device in the frame which allows the viewer to select a different title, this shifting of context effectively alters what the viewer sees while the image itself remains unchanged.

Private Commissions

These are paintings that were commissioned privately and were created independent of any larger body of work.

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